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Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Tina Grinstaed
A parents review
My son had driving lessons with Graham and right away his calm, confidence building and professional approach along with his focussed techniques meant my son quickly became confident and proficient in areas of driving he had struggled. I am delighted to say my son passed first time. This in no short part thanks to Graham. Graham is an amazing instructor who I highly recommend.

Joe Grinstead
1st Time Pass
I started driving lessons with Graham and from the very start I felt my confidence growing and my driving benefiting due to his calm approach and informative techniques and tips. As my test date grew nearer Graham helped me focus on areas I needed to improve. On the day of my test I really felt that I was more than prepared. I am pleased to say that I passed first time and can honestly say Graham helped me achieve this. No Hesitation in recommending.

John GreenwoodJohn Greenwood
Only 1 Driving Fault
Graham is a fantastic instructor, and I would highly recommend him to anyone learning to drive. Graham’s rational assessment during our lessons helped me to quickly overcome many difficulties I initially had which resulted in me becoming a more confident driver. Graham provides a reassuring and friendly presence during lessons and offered a well-suited lesson plan each time to cover any areas I wanted to focus on. Following my time with Graham I have now passed my driving test and I believe I will continually be a safe and competent driver because of his lessons.

Abbijeet Bal
Graham is an incredible instructor who is patient, reflective and teaches brilliant techniques that boosted my driving abilities and confidence on the road. Each lesson incorporated objective reviews: an exercise that helped tailor lessons to be engaging and effective. I would absolutely recommend Graham to anyone looking for a fantastic and informative learning experience!

John Frame
Booster Lessons
As someone who is approaching their second driving test, Graham helped me greatly in restoring my confidence at the wheel refining my skills. His professional manner, reassurance and enthusiasm led me to make significant progress in very little time. During the first session and beyond Graham was quickly able to assess my driving and adapt our lessons to ensure time was being spent in the most worthwhile way.He also allowed me to grow as an independent driver, while still providing support and ensuring my safety at all times. I would absolutely recommend Graham to anybody wanting to improve their driving regardless of how much experience they may or have.